This web log is the code + writings of Kevin Haggerty, a web developer who's interested in simple and unique applications of modern technology.

Holistic Software Development

As a uniquely qualified and experienced technology leader, I'm both a hands-on creator and continuous learner. My full-stack web development experience lets me not only research and prototype, but also build complete user experiences that shine.


  • Inventive approach to creating technological solutions to weird business problems
  • Rapid prototyping and data-first creative technology solutions
  • Experimental data science and algorithms
  • Cloud-native architect for performance and scale.

Technology and Disciplines

  • Full Stack Web, Mobile Apps, AR/VR, Voice Interfaces, Machine Learning, Natural language processing.
  • Python 3, sk-learn, Node.js, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, Postgres.
  • Data visualization, THREE.js, D3, Plotly.
  • iOS development, Swift 5, SpriteKit, SceneKit, ARKit, Blender 3d modeling and animation.

See some code

My GitHub page has a variety of code projects according to my interests over time... https://github.com/splatcollision

Professional Experience


What's interesting about this site?

This whole site is powered by a Trello board and Cloudflare workers. No traditional webhosting and it's extremely low cost!